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Offa's Dyke - Wales

Welcome to Wales. Welcome to beautiful woods, mountains, hills (and coasts on either end of the trail). Once you´ve walked Offa´s Dyke you will never forget the views, the wind, the sun, and even the rain and the fog are imprinted to your memory as just fitting. And people belong here, too. They have shaped the landscape over the centuries, leaving their mark in tombs and castles, crosses and cottages, quarries and quays.


Offa´s Dyke Path nowadays criss-crosses the modern borders of England and Wales thereby connecting some of the most attractive and varied landscapes of Britain. But for most of its length the trail follows the ancient earthworks which gave it its name and remind the walker of the rich history of elder times he treads upon while hiking here.


The variety of the scenery of Offa´s Dyke is really remarkable, Because Offa´s Dyke and its Path do not follow a single natural feature, they pass through a succession of different forms of landscape. In order to mention only a few, the walker is here invited to really look forward to the dramatic wooded Wye Valley, the black mountain skirts near Haye-on-Wye and the profound natural beauty of Clwydian Range.


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