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The Coast to Coast Path

From the shores of Cumbria to the North Sea on its Yorkshire Coast - crossing England on foot is an experience you are most unlikely to ever forget. In 1973 Alfred Wainwright, perhaps the best known guidebook writer and walker in the UK, devised a trail which runs from St. Bees to Robins Bay over a distance of 285 kilometres (178 miles). Although Wainwright encouraged walkers to explore their own C2C-walks the route described here is commonly regarded as the typical Coast to Coast Path.


The Path is marked by three distinct kinds of landscape which nowadays also hold National Parks, each worth a visit in its own right: the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. The Lakeland is characterized by high fells, lush dales, long, still lakes, and interesting towns and villages while the Dale District leads you through expanse and tranquil limestone uplands. The North York Moors will contrast this with the heather moorland at the heart of the park that changes character dramatically but always beautifully with the turn of the seasons.


Wherever it is possible the C2C clings to the high grounds providing you with enchanting views but also sometimes demanding ups and downs which call for a trained walker. But the daily stages can easily be broken up to shorter legs. The recommended guide also offers alternative routes to the most demanding passages.


The guide: "A Northern Coast to Coast Walk"

The guidebook presented here - "A Northern Coast to Coast Walk" by Terry Marsh - differs in a number of ways from the path originally devised by Wainwright. But while it still catches the spirit of crossing England by foot, it does so in an environmentally and ecologically friendlier manner which also circumvents much of Wainwright's indifference concerning the right of ways. The result is one of the finest walking experiences to be had on the British Isles and all of it on established rights of way or permissive paths.


West to East - East to West

Though the Coast to Coast-Path can be walked in either direction the description usually begins on the west coast in St. Bees as does Mr. Marsh´s Guide. So the first stage leads you to the entrance of the Lakeland which you will cross during the following 6 stages up to Shap. However, the guide contains a section which describes differences that the walker experiences who goes from east to west. This additional information makes it very easy to walk the C2C either way.