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The Coast to Coast Path - an overview

The Coast to Coast Path touches three national parcs: North York Moors National Parc, Yorkshire Dales National Parc and Lake District national Parc.


To be recognized as national parc in the UK means that the landscape has to be kept quite untouched and without intensive agricultural usage. Furthermore the landscape has to encompass for example certain amounts of natural surroundings like hilly territory, heath, moor and and undeveloped coasts or other such land. If these conditions are met 'normal' settlements may be maintained in these areas.


In consequence most of the land is private property and will be used only within the boundaries of named conditions. This means that the National trust normally has not to take further measures to protect the lands of the British national parcs.

From Kirkby Stephen to Keld

Length: 19,5 km; Duration: 4:55h










9th. Stage


From Keld to Reeth

Length: 19 km; Duration: 4:40h

10th. Stage


From Reeth to Richmond

Length: 17,5 km; Duration: 4:35h








11th. Stage


From Richmond to Bolton-on-Swale

Length: 12 km; Duration: 3:05h

12th. Stage


From Bolton-on-Swale to Ingleby Cross

Length: 24 km; Duration: 5:45h










13th. Stage


From Ingleby Cross to Beak Hills Farm

Length: 16 km; Duration: 4:50h

14th. Stage


From Glaisdale to Baytown

Length: 30,5 km; Duration: 7:50h







17th. Stage


Marking / Signs

The Coast to Coast Walk is no "official" National Trail. Markings are partial existing. A good description and map is strongly recommended.


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Use full maps

A good alternative of buying 8 OS Landranger Maps is the "Harvey Map" which covers the Coast to Coast Walk in two sheets.


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