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From Glaisdale to Robin Hood´s Bay

You may very well walk all the way to Robin Hood´s bay although Terry Marsh recommends walking only 6 kilometres to Grosmont because it can be very rewarding to linger a while by interesting Beggar´s Bridge and especially in Egton Bridge one of the most beautiful villages in Yorkshire. You may also take your time to walk a few steps along the lovely river Esk.

The stage from Glaisdale (or Grosmont) is characterized by the impression of walking a long descent to the North Sea. It alternately leads through smaller forest patches and greater moors occasionally alongside or over small brooks with a lovely waterfall by Falling Foss as a highlight.

Robin Hood´s bay got its name from the legend that he had chosen this bay as a safe retreat in times when he was too close and eagerly pursued by the King John´s men. Indeed Robin Hood´s bay has been a fishing community with no small emphasis on smuggling for many years in the past.


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