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From Burnbanks to Orton

From Burnbanks you walk up to Shap if you not already have done so the day before. Behind Shap you leave the Lakeland District and its typical ruggedness at last to enter Limestone Country, which heralds the Dales to come, for one day. This stage is unique in its appearance compared to the Lakeland you left and the Dale districts you will walk in the following days


Be sure to visit Shap Abbey while staying here - but do it when you arrive since today the longest stage of the C2C awaits your feet. The scenery in Limestone Country becomes noticeable different compared to the Lakeland. In comparison most differing is the vast landscape providing wide views and evoking tranquil moods.

The C2C from now on is less demanding as in the lakeland, so longer stages can (and sometimes must) be walked with fewer opportunities for breaks. But you can make a break in Orton after nearly half of the way of this stage.


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