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From Cleator to Gillerthwaite

Leaving Cleator you will walk up to the Dome of Dent which prepares you for things to come in the Lake District: beautiful views reached through sometimes demanding ups and downs. Be sure to visit Nannycatch Gate, a sylvan glade beneath Raven Crag before reaching Ennerdale Bridge.


The second half of this stage ventures into the recess of Ennerdale. Along Ennerdale Water you have the choice between two variants, one not so demanding as the other but therefore more populated by daytrippers, both of which are described in detail. The stage ends in Gillerthwaite where you find a youth hostel for staying overnight.


There is also the possibility to divide this and the next leg into three stages by sleeping in Ennerdale Bridge and then going on from Ennerdale Bridge to Black Sail Youth Hostel. The third out of former two stages would then be a day's walk from Black Sail Youth Hostel to Rosthwaite.


The full description of the Coast to Coast Walk

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