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The Rennsteig / Thuringia

There are some trails named "Rennsteig” in Germany, but THE Rennsteig, that´s the high altitude path through the Thuringian Forest - a long distance path that is one of Germany's most famous walking routes.´s Track Pack contains introductory descriptions into this high-level path, and each of its sections in combination with sketches and altitude profiles (b/w) of each stage. The main body of the Track Pack consists of an annually revised accommodation guide for the whole of the Rennsteig.


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The Rennsteig - full package

The full package "The Rennsteig" includes the Track Pack and the recommended maps of the Mapping Agency Thuringia in 5 sheets, scale 1:50.000.

  • Track Pack 4.50 €
  • Map 6.13 €
  • Total price 10.63 €

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