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The Hermanns' Walk Track Pack's Track Pack contains introductory descriptions into this trail along the ridge of the Teutoburg Forest, and each of its sections in combination with sketches and altitude profiles (b/w) of each stage. The main body of the Track Pack consists of an annually revised accommodation guide for the whole of the Hermanns' Walk.


Price: 4.50 €

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Maps for the Hermanns' Walk

The following map, scale 1:50.000 cover all of the walk:


Price: 9.60 €




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Full Package: Hermanns' Walk

The full package for your walk in the Teutoburg Forest includes the Track Pack and the maps:


- Track Pack: "Hermann's Walk", 4.50 €

- Walking map scale 1:50.000: 9.60 €


Package price: 14.10 EUR


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