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Where to Stay Guide - Black Forest Trail

The Where-To-Stay guide published by the Pforzheim Tourist-Information comprises more than 100 addresses of accommodation for the whole of the Westweg. The guide includes prices as well as further information for every place of accommodation, e.g. closing days, its distance to the path and descriptions of its exact location.


Additionally the guide contains a list of helpful addresses and information on maps. As it is the case with's own guides the accomodation guide for the Westweg is produced in small numbers and constantly updated.


This accommodation guide is available only in German. Therefore, inserts a leaflet with translations of all important terms thus making it possible to use the guide without knowledge of German.


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Maps for the Black Forest Trail (Westweg)

The following maps scale 1:50.000 of the land surveying office of Baden-Württemberg cover all of the walk. The Westweg's course is marked in the maps.

  • 1. Stage - 2. Stage / Pforzheim - Forbach
    502: Pforzheim
  • 3. Stage - 4. Stage / Forbach - Mummelsee
    501: Baden Baden
  • 4. Stage - 7. Stage (parts) / Mummelsee - Hornberg
    503: Offenburg
  • 7. Stage (parts) - 9. Stage / Hornberg - Feldberg
    506: Titisee-Neustadt
  • 9. Stage - 12. Stage / Feldberg - Basel
    508: Lörrach

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Full Package for the Black Forest Trail

The full package for your walk in the Black Forest:

  • Accomodation guide for the whole of the Westweg published by the Pforzheim Tourist-Information (includes leaflet for translation): 3.00 €
  • 5 walking maps scale 1:50.000: 33.00 €
  • Package price: 36.00 €

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