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Cooking for hikers

When you are out there you will also need facilities to prepare warm beverages and meals. And this might not only be true for those of you who are camping but for everyone else (at least on long daily stages in less populated areas).


The Trangia Stove - an ideal companion.

The Trangia-stove is absolutely convincing: It is compact (stove, windshield and saucepans are one unit), easy to handle (just fill in spirit and start cooking), and robust (wind - even storm - are no problem and the stove's case ensures that it stands safely).

Petrol stoves are an alternative, because they are far more powerful. On the other hand petrol is much more damaging to your health, and the condensers many petrol stoves work with, are getting blocked occasionally.

Advice for those who travel by plane - filled spirit bottles or gas cartridges in your rucksack are not allowed on board aircrafts.


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