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Suitable clothes for hikers

Everything would be much easier if we knew the weather in advance. As long as it is warm and dry we could start our walking trip simply with some T-shirts and a protection against the sun. Unfortunately, knowing the weather in advance is a bit of a problem, and therefore the clothes you pack should cover a range of weather conditions.

If you don't want to walk with a wardrobe on your back and on the other hand prefer to wear clean and fresh clothes you can't avoid to do your washing almost daily. Although it will work without it, a foldable bowl will make the washing much easier.


The 'ideal' walking pants

Warm when it is cold, light when it is warm, pleasant on your skin, water resistant or even waterproof and at the same time breathable, quickly drying when they have become wet, stylish, light, and at the same time robust. A pair of walking pants that meets all these requirements would be perfect. It is up to you to decide which aspects are most important to you.

Cotton can be worn directly on the skin quite well, and sweat is soaked up quickly. Pants made of synthetics are light and quick drying. When Gore Tex or comparable fabrics are included you almost have rain trousers. These products are comparably expensive, though.

Pants with zipp-off legs are recommendable: You don't have to pack an extra pair of shorts, and the zipped-off legs can be washed separately from time to time if necessary.'s recommendation: a pair of cotton walking pants with zipp-off legs and an extra pair of rain trousers which is worn over the regular pants.


The 'ideal' jacket

Generally there are the same criteria for an ideal jacket and for ideal pants ... but the choice of different jackets is even bigger.

In every case you should choose a jacket which is impermeable to wind and as watertight as possible. When you are totally soaked after only half an hour of rain and then start getting cold this could quickly mean the end of your walking tour.

As expensive as they may be: Gore Tex jackets are recommendable in any case. They are (and stay) watertight, and nevertheless the sweat doesn't accumulate under the jacket.'s recommendation: a light, watertight and windproof rain jacket. When it becomes cold put on several layers of your other clothes (e.g. T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, fleece jumper, jacket).


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