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Basic Equipment

Long-distance walking is impossible when some fundamentally important things are missing ...or at least things can become fairly difficult :-)

Walking boots

Everybody undertaking a long-distance walking tour definitely needs a quality pair of walking boots.


Usually, light trekking boots are fully sufficient. For some hikers it might be important, that the boots are suitable for the use of crampons. Everyone who will walk mostly over rough ground like scree and rocks should choose a pair of boots with a stiffened, shock-absorbing sole. The boots may be heavier but sharp-edged stones and rocks will cause less pain to your feet.

Gore Tex or leather uppers? Well-oiled leather boots and boots made of synthetic fibres are similarly water resistant - and no shoe is absolutely waterproof. If it becomes necessary, Gore Tex boots dry a little quicker than leather boots.



Walkers who intend to pack the full equipment as listed below, should choose a rucksack with a capacity of about 50 litres. A rucksack equipped with a device to cover the straps may be a good choice for those who plan to use it for other travelling as well.

When you travel without a sleeping bag and a tent a considerably smaller rucksack will do.

A general rule for packing a hiker's rucksack: light things should be placed at the bottom, heavy stuff goes on top.



Water bottle

In metal bottles (for instance by Sigg) the content stays cool a little longer. But they are are heavier (and more expensive) than plastic bottles.

To keep the weight of your rucksack as low as possilbe we recommend the use of plastic bottles. Alternatively, hydration packs with an attached drinking tube have become increasingly popular.



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