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Rate the best walks in Germany

Arno WalkgoodNumber of Votes: 11
Eder Heights WalkgoodNumber of Votes: 8
Oak WalkausreichendNumber of Votes: 1
Eifel Steep TrackgoodNumber of Votes: 21
Eisenach - BudapestgoodNumber of Votes: 7
Donkey's WaygoodNumber of Votes: 14
Rodalben, Rock Hiking Trailvery wellNumber of Votes: 23
Fuhrmannsweg - GüterslohgoodNumber of Votes: 3
Glass Steep Track (Bajuvarian Forest)befriedigendNumber of Votes: 3
Hermann´s WaygoodNumber of Votes: 15
Lahn Heights WaygoodNumber of Votes: 14
Mairavalley (Italy)very wellNumber of Votes: 6
Maximilian´s Way (Bavaria)very wellNumber of Votes: 5
Mosel Heights Way (Eifel)goodNumber of Votes: 7
Mosel Heights Way (Hunsrück)goodNumber of Votes: 6
Nahe Heights Wayvery wellNumber of Votes: 8
Nibelung´s WaygoodNumber of Votes: 8
North Edge Walk - Baden Wurttemb.goodNumber of Votes: 7
Rhine Heights Way - left bankgoodNumber of Votes: 7
Rhine Heights Way - right bankgoodNumber of Votes: 7
Rhön Heights Wayvery wellNumber of Votes: 12
Red Wine Hiking Trail (Ahr)befriedigendNumber of Votes: 6
Saar-Mosel WaygoodNumber of Votes: 22
Saarland Circular WalkgoodNumber of Votes: 9
Siegerland - High WalkbefriedigendNumber of Votes: 2
Sieg Heights Way - left bankgoodNumber of Votes: 6
Sieg Heights Way - right bankbefriedigendNumber of Votes: 7
Thuringia Walk (Altenburg - Bad Köstritz)very wellNumber of Votes: 4
Upland steep trackvery wellNumber of Votes: 8
Weiltal WaygoodNumber of Votes: 4
Westweg (Black Forest)goodNumber of Votes: 26
Wied WaygoodNumber of Votes: 6
Winterberg's High WalkgoodNumber of Votes: 6
Wittekind´s WaygoodNumber of Votes: 6
Wittgenstein Panoramic WalkgoodNumber of Votes: 12

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