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The Donkey Way

The name Donkey Way (Eselsweg) originates from the medieval caravans, transporting the salt of the Orb and Fulda saltworks on donkey's backs to Miltenberg, where it had been shipped on the River Main. Many places of historical and cultural interest line up alongside the way. There are numerous wayside shrines, chapels, and crucifixes in the open country.

Walk throug the Spessart via the Donkey Way


Hermanns' Walk - Teutoburg forest

Like a long stretched natural wall the Teutoburg Forest is a range of forested hills which is surrounded by lowlands and thus allows far views deep into the countryside of Lower Saxony and Westphalia.


With a total length of about 170 km the walk follows the ridge of this wall.

Walk in the Teutoburg Forest


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