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The Harz Witches' Trail

This new long-distance path full of variety leads you through the beautiful Harz mountains. The Harz mountains are Germany's country of fairy tales and witches, of myth and mystery. Anually on May Day Eve the witches meet on the highest peak and celebrate their Walpurgis Night.


Starting in Osterode in the state of Lower Saxony the Witches' Trail passes the Harz and Upper Harz national parks as well as the former Iron Curtain before ending in Thale in the state of Saxony-Anhalt.


Hikers will experience lots of places of historical and cultural importance as well as a changing scenery with many spots for views on every stage. Evidence of a long history of mining can be found all along the way.


After the start in medieval Osterode ancient trade routes lead you up to the plateau of Clausthal-Zellerfeld. On small tracks the next stage passes the ditches and tunnels of a cleverly thought out irrigation system built and used between the 16th and 19th century. Today it is a protected historic monument.


Coming to Torfhaus you've got the choice: Either you cross a moorland and then ascend to the Brocken mountain, the Harz's highest peak, 1.142 metres above sea level. Alternatively you can avoid the climb up to the mountaintop. This route is especially insteresting for everyone enthusiastic about historic mining plants, mountain meadows full of flowers and virtually unspoiled brooks and valleys.


Both paths meet again in Königshütte ... and once more you can choose between two variants: Continue your walk along the tracks of the region's mining history and visit a dripstone cave in Rübeland. Or take the Charcoal Burner's Track (Köhlerweg) with lots of impressions of this traditional trade.


The Witches' Trail passes through the Bodetal valley with its mighty and high rising granite rocks and finally ends in the town of Thale


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