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Nahe Valley Way (Nahehöhenweg)

Have you any idea where the River Nahe is situated? If not, this is the first reason for getting to know the Nahe Heights Way. When you do so, this will doubtlessly bring to mind a number of other reasons.

This path is exactly the right thing for the walker, who likes hiking off the well-beaten tourist tracks, who loves small villages, and some superb local wines.


The River Nahe - the tourist offices have to forgive me - is simply far less known than the famous Rhine it flows into at Bingen. But walking along the River Nahe definitely has the advantage of being able to enjoy superb undisturbed views of this path. Even more, there is a lot of opportunity for wide distant views along the way: the Hunsrück, the heights of the Palatinate Forest, and of the Nahe Valley itself.

The local wine of the Nahe region is an undiscovered treat. After a stay in this wine-growing district, almost everyone returned back home packed with bottles of wine. According to wine connoisseurs, the Nahe is one of the world's best regions for white wine. But friends of the red wine will also be pleased by the local Dornfelder and Burgundy wines.


The Path

The Nahe Heights Way has a total length of around 108 km. The path starts in Neubrücke near Birkenfeld and ends at the Nahe's mouth at Bingen on the Rhine. Towards Bad Sobernheim the path mainly runs close to the Nahe before making a detour through the edges of the Soonwald to avoid the Nahe's densely populated lower reaches.


The marked way did not go past the Rotenfels - Germany's highest rock outside the Alps - or the Ebernburg, both being located near Bad Münster am Stein. For this reason and after many requests, the marked way has been varied to include a new path here. This extra route allows you to discover the Nahe Valley between Bad Sobernheim and Bad Münster am Stein, with the high slopes, monastic ruins on the Disibodenberg, the Rotenfels, and numerous small wine villages.