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Hermanns' Walk in the Teutoburg Forest

With a total length of about 170 km and subdivided in eight stages the Hermanns' Walk follows the ridge of the Teutoburg Forest.

Located in the states of Lower Saxony and North Rhine Westphalia it starts in Rheine, passes Bielefeld and ends on the Velmerstot hilltop near Horn-Bad Meinberg.


Like a long stretched natural wall the Teutoburg Forest is a range of forested hills which is surrounded by lowlands and thus allows far views deep into the countryside of Lower Saxony and Westphalia.


The Hermanns' Walk name refers to legendary Hermann (or Arminius), a Cheruskan prince who defeated three Roman legions commanded by Quinctilius Varus in a famous battle in the year 9 A.D.


Near Detmold the way passes the imposing Hermann's Monument. And not far from this spot is the location of an impressive formation of rocks called the Externsteine.


The Hermanns' Walk is a comparably easy walk, and there are no major differences in altitude. With only few changes in direction the path predominantly passes through the deciduous woodlands of the Teutoburg Forest's ridge, only occasionally interrupted by valleys coming in from the side.


The way is continuously marked with a capital "H".