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The Franconia Walk - Frankenweg

From the Rennsteig to the Swabian Alb


The Frankenweg is indeed a long-distance trail of unusual excellence. It's start is situated in the border region of Northern Bavaria and Thuringia and therefore exactly in the place where the Rennsteig, Thuringia's famous high-altitude path, ends. With a remarkable length of 517 km it passes a great variety of Franconian scenery, e.g. the Franconian Forest, the Upper Main Valley and the hilly region of the Franconian Alb.


The Frankenweg finally ends in the Swabian town of Harburg, located at the western end of the Altmuehl Valley nature reserve.


The Frankenweg's new route almost completely avoids asphalt tracks and is excellently signposted. So be prepared for Bavarian scenery and culture at its best on this certified quality trail.


At the beginning the Frankenweg passes the Franconian Forest, sometimes referred to as Bavaria's green crown. Almost half of this region is still covered by dense forest. The way leads you through hilly uplands, meadowlands and narrow valleys.


Afterwards you can walk right through the Garden of God: the Upper Main Valley and the Coburger Land. Judge for yourself if German poet Johann Gottfried Herder was right when he called this region the most beautiful in the world.


The scenery changes once more when the Frankenweg reaches the Franconian Alb. Varied, sometimes bizarre hilly countryside expects you. Towering rocks allow superb distant views of the surrounding wide forest and gentle plateaus.


Dolomite rocks and orchards, sleepy villages and 170 medieval castles wait for you in the nature reserve of Franconian Switzerland. Don't miss a visit in one of more than a thousand dripstone caves. Some of the most famous ones are located right beside the way.


The Altmuehl Valley is another Franconian gem. Here, in one of Bavaria's largest nature reserves, extensive deciduous forest, beautiful juniper heathland and spectacular rock formations of Jurassic limestone are the landscape's characteristic features. Numerous relics of Celtic and Roman settlement in the area can be found along the banks and on the heights of the Altmuehl and its tributary rivers.


The Franconian Lake District finally rounds off the Frankenweg's exceptional diversity. Idyllically surrounded by meadows full of flowers, splendid orchards and dense spruce forest, countless lakes invite you to have a refreshing swim after your walk through Franconia.