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From Heidenheim to Wemding

The way ascends again and there is a nice view to the West at the Rechenberg hill while the Franconia Way runs southwards along the edge of the Alb. At Hohentrüdingen one can enjoy the view from the old church steeple.




For a long part of this leg the Franconia Way follows the valley of the river Rohrach and at Hechlingenam am See it passes a nice lake - the Hahnenkammsee - which was created by damming the river Rohrach.









The way continues its course through woodland and along the edge of the wood running along the river Rohrach until it comes to Polsingen. The pilgrimage church of Maria Brünnlein is a prominent landmark on the last stretch of this stage. This beautiful baroque church is located on a hill just outside Wemding where today's stage ends.


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