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From Wettelsheim to Heidenheim

Today your pass a lot of woodland along the ridge of the Hahnenkamm and two more elevated watercourses. The most famous one is at Wolfsbronn and are on the program of today's long stage. The way passes the beautiful Rohrach valley and the valley of the Östliche Rohrach leading you from Wettelsheim via Windischhausen to Wolfsbronn. There are splendid views at the old Steinbühl quarry and the spot is the perfect place for a rest.



The Wolfsbronn's Steinerne Rinne needed many centuries to develop. At Kurzenaltheim you can see a similar natural spectacle at a much earlier stage of development. A little later the view from the Gelber Berg hilltop should not be missed.


The Franconia Way continues its course along the heights of the Alb passing the nice village of Spielberg and the castle of the same name before a long day of walking ends after a final descent down to Heidenheim.

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