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From Gräfenberg to Hersbruck

A very long leg again today. We recommend to split it in two parts with your stop at Schnaittach. Having passed Weißenohe and Dorfhaus the way comes to a special place: The sinter terraces along the small river Lillch have been formed by chalk deposits. They are a spectacle of nature that is equally worth seeing and protecting. The route continues on the plateau of the Franconian Alb passing through extensive woodland. The way ascends to the Alter Rothenberg hill before it reaches the scenic old town of Schnaittach.



Having passed the town the way takes you uphill again to a fortress on top of the Rothenberg hill. This is followed by two more climbs to the Glatzenstein and the Großer Hansgörgl hilltops as the Franconia Way passes woods and meadows along the edge of the Alb.







The way crosses two nice small valleys before it finally leads you to Hersbruck where the lovely town's historic church is absolutely worth a visit.




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