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From Pottenstein to Gräfenberg

Once more the way leads you through Franconian Switzerland. The eleventh leg is very long and it is advisable to split it in two parts. A short time after the start you reach the Pottenstein Teufelshöhle cave which is well worth a visit. The Franconia Way then passes through the nice Klumpertal valley. Through a lot of forest the course of the way continues on the heights of Franconian Switzerland and passes several small villages as well as the ruins of Leienfels castle.




At about halfway you reach Obertrubach which is suitable for an intermediate stop. The way then passes through the Trubachtal valley and nice rocky woodlands before it reaches the Signalstein rock which can be climbed via two flights of steps. The famous Egloffstein castle is home of one of the oldest Franconian noble families and is the next important sight on your way.



The way passes meadows and wooded areas as well as the impressive ruins of a castle near the nice village of Thuisbrunn before the Franconia Way finally leads you downhill to Gräfenberg.





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