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From Kulmbach to Weismain

Today the path follows the valley of the Weißer Main river along the slopes beside and above the river. At Schloss Steinenhausen Castle the path passes a place where the Weißer Main and the Roter Main rivers flow together and form the river Main. This is also the place where the first ascent to the Franconian Alb starts. The Franconia Way roughly follows the edge of this extensive plateau for the remaining part with fantastic views of the surrounding area.



The passage along Görauer Anger between Zultenberg and Görau is certainly this leg's highlight. With distant views to the north and as well of Franconian Switzerland this walk leads you along the northern edge of the Franconian Alb.



Having passed Görau the way downhill is through a narrow valley surrounded by steep and wooded slopes. You will pass Niesten and finally come to Weismain which is surrounded by a historic city wall.




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