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From Wildensee to Großheubach

The last stage of the Eselsweg once again passes through lots of woodlands and there are many spots of historico-cultural interest. It is especially the second half of the stage that is appealing for everybody who walks open eyed.

As on the earlier stages, it is better to buy your food in advance. There are numerous resting spots with benches and tables alongside the way. Everybody who prefers to walk only a shorter distance has the opportunity for a descent down to Mönchsberg at the rest spot "Signalbuche" (beware, the descent is quite steep).

The stages' initial climb is not very difficult, since it is subdivided into a number of shorter sections. It is just the descent from the Borkenberg which is fairly steep. This is followed by a relatively short but steep stretch uphill. Then the Eselsweg follows a ridgeway at a level of about 500 metres for 14 km, almost until the track passes the cloister of Engelberg. Here, within a short walking distance, the track goes rapidly downhill, descending 150 metres. And finally, the Eselsweg has got 612 steps taking you downhill to Großheubach, another 120 metres lower.

If you feel like, you can walk on from the Engelberg cloister up to Miltenberg, a nice place with a historic old town. You have to use the Mainwanderweg (River Main Way) which is marked with a blue "M" on white ground.


Ascent to Engelberg monastery