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From Weibersbrunn to Wildensee

At Weibersbrunn there is an access to the motorway and the town is also served by bus from Aschaffenburg (line 42).

You will soon leave behind one of Germany's highest motorway routes and enter the former realm of the Echters. It was this family that built world famous Mespelbrunn, a castle surrounded by water. In the 1950s Mespelbrunn was the setting for the film "Das Wirtshaus im Spessart" or "The Spessart Inn", which tells a popular fairytale from the Spessart. The Echterspfahl, not far from Mespelbrunn castle, is legendary as well.

A famous man of the late 19th century did have his hunting lodge in Rohrbrunn. The Bavarian prince regent Luitpold was one of the last of his aristocratic class, who followed the call for hunt to the Spessart. The electoral princes of Mainz and later the regents of Bavaria had already been attracted by these wide and secluded hunting grounds. Until today, the influence of both of them is unmistakably recognizable at many spots alongside the way.

Another highlight of this stage is the section between Rohrbrunn and the Kreuztor. At a level of 500 metres the track runs along the slope of the hills for many kilometres, passing magnificent, mixed woodland in the solitude of the Spessart forest.

All these impressions will make you hungry, so don't forget to take enough food with you. Again, there are only two inns on your way: Forsthaus Echterspfahl at the beginning and Hof Hunsrück at the end of this stage.

In between you can undisturbedly enjoy pure nature.


The hunting grounds of the Bavarian Kings