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From Heigenbrücken to Weibersbrunn

Although this stage is relatively short walkers should supply themselves with enough food and drink, for there is no opportunity to stop at an inn.

Heigenbrücken is served by bus from Aschaffenburg (line 46) and Lohr (8045). The railway station is served by local and regional trains.

Before you leave Heigenbrücken and start a steep climb up the "Schwartzkopfweg", which is quite demanding right at the beginning of the stage, you first look into a dark hole in the hill. This is the exit of the Schwarzkopf tunnel with a length of 927 metres.

During the first 7.5 kilometres there is a constant change of uphill and downhill sections. The route passes four hills, all of them about 450 metres high and several times it crosses the road that used to be the old Eselsweg until the early 1960s. The stages' second part is mostly level and passes through the forest of Waldschaff. At the end of this day the walk through the heights above Weibersbrunn is worthwile doing. There is a splendid panoramic view overlooking the valley and you can see the highest point of the Spessart, the Geiersberg, 586 metres above sea level. The idyllic Hafenlohrtal, just after Weibersbrunn, is particularly appealing and inspired the German poet Kurt Tucholsky.


Heigenbrücken - "Sieben Wege" parking lot