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From Flörsbach to Heigenbrücken

There are bus services to Flörsbach, but these are quite limited. There is one line from the railway station at Partenstein, where you have train connections to Aschaffenburg and Würzburg. And there is another bus from Gelnhausen.

During this stage you have two opportunities for a rest at an inn: Gasthaus Wiesbüttsee, with a camp site, after about 50 minutes of walking, and Waldhaus Engländer (which is closed on Thursdays).

This is a very interesting stage. The track is almost constantly on a level between 400 and 500 metres. There are many sights worth having a look at and the route mainly passes through beautiful high-level forest.

Besides the camp site Wiesbüttsee there is accomodation available at Wiesen and Jakobsthal, both just 1 km off the trail. This might be interesting for those who wish to plan their trip even more individually. The corresponding descents down to the two villages are outlined in the following description of the path.

There is plenty of accommodation available at the stage's destination, Heigenbrücken.

At the railway station there are regional trains running every 30 minutes either to Aschaffenburg in the west or to Lohr at the eastern fringe of the Spessart.