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From Schlüchtern to Mernes

Schlüchtern provides good transport links. The small town is served by trains and buses and can be reached via the A 66 motorway which joins Frankfurt and Fulda.

The ancient long-distance path The Eselsweg starts at Schlüchtern's railway station, which is situated high above the town. After passing through the old monastic settlement at the "Bergwinkel" and climbing the Hohenzeller Berg, the first kilometres are mostly through fields and meadows. You pass through some brooks the waters of which rush towards the Kinzig river. Back on the heights there are lots of splendid views into all directions. Bellings is the first of only two villages that are touched directly by the Eselsweg. So make sure that you have always enough food and drink with you. The actual Spessart forest begins just above Seidenroth, with woods of old beech and oak trees that seem to whisper stories in the wind.