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The Black Forest Trail (Westweg)

Undoubtedly, the Black Forest is one of Germany's major tourist destinations. But the Westweg's location - at least for its most part - is out of the way of the hustle and bustle of tourists from all over the world searching for cuckoo clocks and Black Forest gateau.


The remote path leads you through the Black Forest from North to South. And despite its total length of 260 km it passes only twelve towns or villages. Walking this traditional long-distance path is a perfect way to discover the Black Forest's varied scenery of extensive forests, beautiful mountains and panoramic views.


The Westweg starts in Pforzheim and passes woodlands, moorlands and small lakes at first. After ascending to the Black Forest's heights, where it stays for some time, the path descends along the rocks of the River Murg valley down to Forbach.


A fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding landscape expects you from Hornisgrinde, the highest summit of the northern Black Forest.


The Westweg follows the watershed of the Rhine and Danube Rivers on the heights of the Black Forest. Deep valleys in the West and picturesque hilly uplands in the East guarantee for a delightful scenery on this stretch of the Westweg.


After passing the Titisee - the region's largest natural lake - the Westweg ascends to the the roof of the Black Forest, the treeless and rounded hilltop of the Feldberg, 1493 metres above sea level. Here the path splits up in two variants.


The western variant is a classic Black Forest high-altitude route with lots of fantastic views. The Blauen is the last major mountaintop passed by the Westweg. Then the path descends and follows the Kandertal and Wiesental valleys before the Westweg finally ends in Basle.


The eastern variant passes the hilltops of Herzogenhorn and Weißenbachsattel. With a far view from the Dinkelberg the way descends down to the Rhine valley, leading you to Basle


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