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Walking Equipment

What´s the equipment you carry out there hiking long distance trails? What´s absolutely necessary and what equipment can also be left home?


Share your experiences or be informed on the topic of needful things.


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Welcome (05.09.05 00:00)

Dear Visitor,

welcome to the message board section of, the
english speaking version of the leading internet
platform on walking and hiking in German speaking Europe. Share
your experiences on European long distance walks, receive
information on these trails through fellow walkers, and, first of
all, get in contact, join the community of walkers. See no comments
right now? Afraid of blank screens? We´re just getting started and
this is also true for our community pages. So be one of the first
to comment on trails, pose questions, share thoughts. You cannot
know how many will benefit from your experiences right from the
start or might feel compelled to answer.

Your team

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